Unleash your selling superpowers and

My superpower is helping business owners and sales teams get more leads that turn into clients by following a proven system that works, giving them a robust strategy for continuous growth.

Are you:

Losing sales, or worse still, not making any?

Dreading the thought of picking up the phone or even following up the leads you have?

Lacking a sales process and a system to connect with your audience

Increasingly frustrated with the inconsistent performance of your sales team?

How I can help

Hi I’m Helen Sparks.

I can help you make sales with ease by providing tailored sales training to your exact requirements, enabling you to skyrocket your sales success and make selling fun again.

I promise you and your sales teams results, pure and simple.

Coupled with consistent growth and revenue.

My “spark up your sales” methodology encapsulates these key areas and is the framework we will use in order to grow your business and meet your desired outcomes. Everything is tailored to your exact requirements and your goals.




  • Develop a warrior mindset around sales and get rid of any blocks

  • Create momentum and vision that allows your business to scale

  • Set up your environment for success and growth

  • Define your sales process and develop a result-focused strategy

  • Developing a sales pipeline to ensure a steady stream of leads and client conversion

  • Creating actionable metrics for increased performance and profit

  • Defined process that leads to more leads, clients and profit

  • Robust sales strategy in place and a funnel that brings in leads

  • Understanding what makes clients buy and why it will be from you

How we can work together


Turbocharge your sales

Sales Teams

Maximise profit


Sell without limitations

I have over 25 years of industry knowledge that will help you grow your business in a meaningful way.

Sales is the life blood of your business.

Effective sales training is vital for long term business success.

I provide robust training, coming from a place of service and integrity.

Hustle is not in my vocabulary.

Instead, I help you to create strong, consistent relationships with your clients, who turn into raving fans. 

We have been blessed to work with Helen, she was our sales director responsible for training our sales team. She also worked with us as founders on our sales mindset, which was incredible. She has given us easy tools and techniques that we are still using in our business today and we have learnt so much from her. Helen asks the questions you shy away from asking yourself. Helen is wonderful, she is straight talking but at the same time she is so heart-centered.

The combination of mindset and sales training was an incredible success for our business. We were able to get clarity on sales team management, our roles and responsibilities to our team. In particular, how much our own mindset can block us from true growth, as a team and as business owners.

I could talk about our experience of working with Helen forever and I would recommend working with her wholeheartedly. It has been such a beautiful experience, we are still using her tools and methodologies. Anyone who wants to scale and get to the next level, I would definitely recommend working with Helen.

Leticia Linden – Online Coaching Akademie

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