About me

“I adore Helen’s strength, determination and amazing sense of humour in delivering the results you want and need. Helen gives professional and insightful expertise in how to close the deal you are working on. She isn’t afraid to tell you what isn’t working as well as telling you what you need to do to get the desired outcome you want”

That’s me in a nutshell, you could also add zealous, empathetic and quirky. With my help you can sell more effectively and grow your business.

They say you never forget your first love, well I will never forget my first sales call.

I was 17 and It was my first day as a telesales executive.

I was so nervous and filled with anxiety that I threw up. I will never forget the experience.

I shook so badly from nerves that I barely manged to dial the number and held onto the receiver for dear life (in the way that I now hold on to chocolate).

Before I could get out “hello this is Helen from… the nausea that had been bubbling in my stomach all day turned into a full on flow.

Despite running at a speed Mo Farah would have been impressed with, it couldn’t be contained any longer.

I was mortified and horrified in equal measure. I don’t think anyone has had a worse start in sales.

Despite the carnage I caused, my boss took me under his wing. For many years after he  became my mentor and watched me flourish. His advice that day would define my career.

“A sale is so much more than making money, it’s the connection that you make with a client, it’s the value that you bring and it’s the difference that you make to that business and to yourself”

This is why I do what I do. I want to have the same impact on every business and team I work with.

I love sales. I love it with a deep passion, I love it more than I love cake.

More importantly, I get results.

What makes me different?

Picture of Helen Sparks

I am not like other sales consultants. I don’t give you just techniques, or make false promises. I support you to grow as a business owner by holding you accountable with the application of what you learn. I give you the space to grow and feel entirely comfortable with who you and to stand in your power, confidently and as the expert you are.

I base my success on your success. I care deeply about you and the results you get.

I also have two claims to fame.

I once cleared a room of 250 people singing Jerry Lee Lewis’s Great Balls of Fire and I nearly got eaten by a crocodile once (Happens every day in Cardiff!)

Oh and I love gin and greyhounds. Not necessarily together.

Having an aversion to all things “Sales” can be a bit of an issue when you set out to run your own business and working with Helen has helped to change all that. Even when you work as a coach you still need a coach and I would recommend that anyone, who gets that sinking feeling when they think about sales, has a chat with Helen. I have taken action on things that I would have continued to avoid, re-framed a lot of the unhelpful perceptions I held, and had a lot of fun in the process. So, if a Cheese-free, “Ick”-Free, Cringe-Free mindset around sales is what you need, get in touch with her. You won’t regret it

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