Let’s have a cuppa…

Book a complimentary call with me to talk about your where you are on your sales journey and what’s not working for you. We can discuss your goals, how you can achieve your vision and what steps you need to take to make that happen.

Helen is an outstanding heart-led sales coach and mentor. Helen’s training has transformed how I work and has been integral to my flourishing business. I now know precisely how to convert warm leads into high-end clients by connecting deeply, coming from a true place of service – understanding that sales is about helping people and meeting their needs. Before I worked with Helen, I had limiting beliefs about sales and about the value of what I offer. Helen not only has the gift of seeing you and your potential, helps you to have the skills and mindsets you need to up-level your business by sharing her true zone of genius, but her loving presence helps you to believe in yourself in a new way too. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Helen. She is a blessing in my life. 

Emily Johnson, Wish Tree