Client Love

Some beautiful words of appreciation from some of my incredible clients.

Helen carried out virtual sales training with my program students and my mastermind. She was instrumental in helping them overcome their fear of sales, particularly sales calls and created a positive shift in their mindset and their behaviour.

As a result of Helen’s training they were able to navigate tricky situations such as objections or asking for the sale. As a result, they made more sales with ease. Mindset is one of the hardest things to overcome and Helen’s passion and the way she shares her knowledge made it easy for the attendees to learn and implement.

One of the best things about working with Helen is she can pinpoint immediately what is blocking you from making sales and give you concrete actions to take that bring rapid results. The support, guidance, and encouragement she has given my students over the number of years we have worked together has been an important factor in their success.

I would recommend Helen to anyone looking for sales training that goes beyond the norm.

Claire Jarrett

Claire Jarrett

Google Ads Coach & Consultant

We have been blessed to work with Helen, she was our sales director responsible for training our sales team. She also worked with us as founders on our sales mindset, which was incredible. She has given us easy tools and techniques that we are still using in our business today and we have learnt so much from her. Helen asks the questions you shy away from asking yourself. Helen is wonderful, she is straight talking but at the same time she is so heart-centered.

The combination of mindset and sales training was an incredible success for our business. We were able to get clarity on sales team management, our roles and responsibilities to our team. In particular, how much our own mindset can block us from true growth, as a team and as business owners.

I could talk about our experience of working with Helen forever and I would recommend working with her wholeheartedly. It has been such a beautiful experience, we are still using her tools and methodologies. Anyone who wants to scale and get to the next level, I would definitely recommend working with Helen.

Claire Jarrett

Leticia Linden

Online Coaching Akademie

Helen has a gift for sales, I can highly recommend Helen’s mentoring as she worked with my students mentoring and training them in authentic selling and did an incredible job of this.

One of the reasons why Helen is so good at sales is that she brings a genuine love and interest in people and she can help you get enthusiastic and motivated about selling even if you are very fearful to start off with.

I also have found Helen’s mentoring helpful to me. I remember one session with Helen where she helped me step into feeling confident to sell my Mastermind program at three times higher a price than I had sold at before.

I would highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for Sales Training and Mentoring. 

Claire Jarrett

Shelley Hutchinson

Client Nectar

Helen is an outstanding heart-led sales coach and mentor.

Helen’s training has transformed how I work and has been integral to my flourishing business. I now know precisely how to convert warm leads into high-end clients by connecting deeply, coming from a true place of service – understanding that sales is about helping people and meeting their needs.

Before I worked with Helen, I had limiting beliefs about sales and about the value of what I offer. Helen not only has the gift of seeing you and your potential, helps you to have the skills and mindsets you need to up-level your business by sharing her true zone of genius, but her loving presence helps you to believe in yourself in a new way too. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Helen.

Claire Jarrett

Emily Johnsson

Wish Tree

I have had the privilege of working with Helen for the last 6 weeks and it has paid off in dividends. After several sessions with Helen, my mindset has completely changed.

I have generated a massive amount of positive leads and have started to develop an effective sales funnel that I will continue to grow as I maintain the strategies I have learned.

I am now more knowledgeable and definitely more enthusiastic about where and how I’m going to grow my business. Helen as a wealth of clever knowledge and certainly knows what works and what doesn’t. I would not hesitate to recommend Helen to anyone in need of sales coaching.

Claire Jarrett

Craig Rees

CTR Care Training Ltd

Having an aversion to all things “Sales” can be a bit of an issue when you set out to run your own business and working with Helen has helped to change all that.

Even when you work as a coach you still need a coach and I would recommend that anyone, who gets that sinking feeling when they think about sales, has a chat with Helen.

I have taken action on things that I would have continued to avoid, re-framed a lot of the unhelpful perceptions I held, and had a lot of fun in the process. So, if a Cheese-free, “Ick”-Free, Cringe-Free mindset around sales is what you need, get in touch with her. You won’t regret it

Claire Jarrett

Anne Burton

Anne Burton Ltd

Helen has reformed my vision of sales and business, and so thoroughly that now I actually enjoy what used to be a chore and the obligatory part of being a business woman.

She made me realize that selling is exactly the same thing as when I deliver my (coaching and personal growth) product: SERVING.

From that perspective, I could be open to learning new tools and skills and I got into a flow with my marketing actions that paid off in only a couple weeks: People notice me, engage with me, appreciate the value I offer, and easily buy from me.

I cannot thank Helen enough. She didn’t only provide the practical tools and knowledge, but sensed exactly where I was stuck – and helped me to overcome it! Her support has been great, loving, creative, generous, amazing, and recommendable without any hesitation!!!

Claire Jarrett

Katharina Seidler

Resource Yourself

I worked with Helen on sales coaching/mentoring to get more insight into the sales process for improvement, growth and to be able to sell ‘my way’. Helen managed to help with all that and more.

Helen’s customised approach meant that I was able to setup a sales process that worked more in-line with my thinking and values which are important to me. Something that didn’t seem possible before talking to Helen.

The clear approach and involvement of elements outside of direct sales, such as mindset compounded the results.

And this mindset improvement can’t be understated.

It’s improved all aspects of my sales, networking and even general business approaches.

I cant’ recommend Helen highly enough!

Claire Jarrett

Andrew Kenny


I adore Helen’s strength, determination and amazing sense of humour in delivering the results you want and need.

Helen gives professional and insightful expertise in how to close the deal you are working on. She isn’t afraid to tell you what isn’t working as well as telling you what you need to do to get the desired outcome you want!

Claire Jarrett

Fay Murray

Fay Murray Coaching

In just one session, you were able to point out, gently, firmly, and eloquently, where I could improve on my communication in a way that makes perfect sense to me. Your gift of understanding people, and your talent in looking at and breaking down communication so that it fits the individual, are abundantly clear, and you share your gifts in a way that is generous, open, and practical.

You helped me understand how my own attitudes and blocks were impeding my message, and you showed me how to work with and overcome them, so that I can achieve my goals in a way is in complete alignment with my personal integrity and values. Since our time together, I have re-worked my approach to calls with prospective clients, and I feel so much more confident. I am now starting from a place of authenticity where I can be who I am, and therefore speak from my heart, and I know that this will make all the difference. And it doesn’t feel “salesy” at all!

Your clear and direct insight and guidance has made a massive difference to how I see this side of my work, and I can’t wait to put all this into practice as I re launch my programme. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

To anyone who feels uncomfortable or nervous about the sales side of your business, I urge you to work with Helen so that you too may overcome your blocks, and share your gifts with the world. I would not hesitate to recommend Helen’s services to anyone. 

Claire Jarrett

Kate Thorpe

Stress and Anxiety Coach