No, I don’t want to buy from you
16 March 2020

Ever had your heart sink when a prospective client says “I’m interested but…It’s not a good time at the moment call me back in six months time”

Or they say, “I’ll be ready when..”

  • I’ve got more qualifications
  • I’ve got more experience
  • I’ve moved house
  • I come back from holiday
  • The kids are in school
  • Mercury retrograde is over (yes that is a thing)
  • I’m in the right frame of mind

The truth is these are all just excuses. If you have heard these responses or ones like them, chances are your prospective client sees your services/product as a ‘nice to have’ and not something that is essential, that they can’t live without. They believe that you are not the person who will transform their current situation. There is no urgency to buy from you.

You need to change that belief, you need to clearly demonstrate your value, making sure that they understand your message and you need to find out WHY they aren’t ready to buy. This involves keeping them focused on how they will benefit from what you offer. Demonstrate the results that they will achieve and what this means in terms of their ROI. Value is subjective and it’s your job to get them to understand the impact you will have on them achieving their goals, whether it’s from using case-studies or highlighting your own expertise.

Some of your prospective clients will be information gatherers. You know the type. The ones that watch 20 or so webinars and don’t really know who you are because they’ve got you confused with Dave from Lincoln, who does a very similar thing to you but not quite the same and they aren’t buying from him either.

Another significant reason is that they lack belief in themselves and what they are selling. Often when we engage in powerful conversations with our prospective clients, significant shifts occur in their beliefs and outlook on what is possible.

This brings up questions for them about:

  • How they can achieve their goals
  • What will the process be
  • What will their significant other say when they tell them what they’ve done?
  • What happens if they fail?
  • What happens if they follow the process but don’t get any clients?
  • What happens if they pay out all this money but get no return?

Ultimately they will be asking themselves if it’s worth the risk of working with you.

So how can you turn things around? By asking powerful questions. Questions will help clarify what their situation is and where they are in the buying cycle. These are some that I use:

  • If money and resources weren’t a factor would you sign up with me today?
  • What concerns are stopping you from committing to coming on board today?
  • Is this fear of the unknown talking?
  • Are you committed to making a change and investing in yourself and your future?
  • How can I help you get the resources you need to make this happen?
  • What is likely to have changed in six months (or however long they have said) time? In my experience nothing will have changed and all that will have happened is that you have wasted six months.
  • What do you need from me? (simple but very powerful)

If you believe that that the prospective client is an information gatherer and is not committed to change and working with you, then MOVE ON. Don’t chase them, there is no need to spend time and resources on them because they are unlikely to buy from you so don’t waste your time.

Instead, connect with those clients who want what you are selling and are committed to making a change. Many of my clients ask me “how will I know the difference”? I promise you that you will. There will be several indicators throughout the call/meeting whether they are the right client for you. If it’s like pulling teeth at the beginning of the relationship then they are not your ideal client. So find them. Focus on them.

Some will have a valid reason as to why they can’t buy from you. But they will actively come up with a solution with you to make it happen. So when they are qualified and not ready to buy what is the best approach?

  • Schedule a call and get it in the diary.
  • Nurture them with relevant content. In the interim demonstrate your expertise by sending them relevant content that is helpful and engaging without being intrusive. I don’t mean create specific content for them, instead use blogs or videos that you already have. Draw attention to the topics you discussed during your call or meeting and highlight these.
  • Encourage them to respond with any action that they have taken and the results they achieved. The proviso being that if they can get results with your free content, imagine what they can do if they work with you?

I once had a client who came back two years after our initial conversation to work with me. I left the door open for her, I kept in contact and we made it happen together. She is now on a six-figure income and her business has completely transformed.

Sometimes a client will want to work with you but they simply don’t have the money to do so at that time. Again, you will have a really powerful connection with these clients and you will instinctively know whether or not they are serious, or whether they are fobbing you off.

If they don’t have the money to work with you, don’t encourage them to get into debt or put them under pressure to come on board. That’s not a good way to start a business relationship. It not good for them or their families and its unlikely that they will keep up the installment plans or be able to buy any ancillary products/services connected with the course. They will end up despondent and in a much worse position than when they started and you will most likely be the same.

You can ask them how you can help them, but leave it at that. The value that you present will be more than enough testament for the results that you can bring them. Help them to find a solution of their own accord and if they come on board, you know that you are the right fit for each other.

Demonstrating value is what will bring you clients. Getting them to their goals and allowing them space to achieve results is what will turn them into raving fans.

If you find that you are not getting the clients you deserve or not achieving the sales results you are looking for then drop me a message.

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