Turbo charge your sales
with 1:1s

You are here because you want more leads that you can convert into clients. Something isn’t working for you but you can’t put your finger on what is going wrong.

What you are certain of is that your sales conversions are no where near where they should be.

You haven’t got the results you want month after month.

Your business may not survive that prolonged level of uncertainty.

I remove the blocks that are stopping you from making sales whether it be a mindset or a process issue and help you fill in the blanks.

Together we will define your sales strategy to improve sales skills, knowledge  and results.

Results. Pure and simple, coupled with consistent growth and revenue.


My process encapsulates three key areas, Mindset, Strategy and Results and is the framework we will use in order to grow your business and meet your desired outcome.

Everything is tailored to your exact requirements so please bear in mind that these topics are an example, not an absolute.



More clients and increased sales


Robust sales strategy in place and a funnel that bring in leads


Understanding what makes clients buy and why it will be from you


A clear message and call to action that your clients will understand


Sales conversations that convert prospects into buyers


Confidence in your sales funnel and sales strategies


The ability to demonstrate value and ROI to your clients


Less stress, less anxiety and less overwhelm


Better sales forecasting and knowledge of how KPI's work


Clear and defined process to follow that works

“A sale is so much more than making money, it’s the connection that you make with a client, it’s the value that you bring and it’s the difference that you make to that business and to yourself”

Helen is an outstanding heart-led sales coach and mentor. Helen’s training has transformed how I work and has been integral to my flourishing business. I now know precisely how to convert warm leads into high-end clients by connecting deeply, coming from a true place of service – understanding that sales is about helping people and meeting their needs.

Before I worked with Helen, I had limiting beliefs about sales and about the value of what I offer. Helen not only has the gift of seeing you and your potential, helps you to have the skills and mindsets you need to up-level your business by sharing her true zone of genius, but her loving presence helps you to believe in yourself in a new way too. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Helen. She is a blessing in my life

Emily Johnson, Wish Tree