Training for
Sales Teams

I help business owners maximise profit by implementing a bespoke sales process and training for their teams.

I help you to create a sales culture where their salespeople flourish and reach their full potential, ensuring that they close qualified leads well above industry standards and maintain continuous sales results.

Happy motivated teams that have a clear defined sales process to follow are the most successful. Their success translates to the success of the business. 

The best bit is this can be done virtually. I’ve been doing training on-line successfully for years around the world. I know what works and what doesn’t because I seen the problems from both sides of the coin. I have been part of a poor performing sales team, I’ve witnessed demotivating sales managers and I’ve experienced a sales culture so toxic that most of the sales team only lasted weeks.

If you can I identify with any of this, I can be part of the solution for your business as well.

You will get a blueprint to follow so that accountability and results happen in line with your goals.

Results. Pure and simple, coupled with consistent growth and revenue.


I am not like any other sales trainer out there. I don’t just give your team techniques, or make promises that if they use the right magic words, you will instantly get the sale or appointment.

I give them tangible, real world skills.

Skills that make you a profit.

Skills that work.

I support your team to grow as effective sales consultants by holding them accountable with the application of what they learn. I give them the space to grow and feel entirely comfortable with who they are on the phone and to stand in their power, confidently and as the expert they are.

I am on a mission to eradicate poor, sloppy selling practices where the unfortunate person on the other end of the phone is just talked at, in the hope that they will eventually be hounded into submission and buy.

Over 25 years of sales experience has equipped me with all of the skills I need and a LOT of knowledge and understanding of what motivates sellers and buyers. I have run a very successful telemarketing company and I have done commission only sales, selling products from 4K to 15K with a close rate of 1-3. I know what works and I know what doesn’t work.

Value is everything and it’s a key identifier of why and how people buy. I’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses from SME’s to Blue chip companies and implemented bespoke sales processes that are not only highly successful but develop and maintain a skilled, motivated and loyal workforce.

Effective sales training is vital for long term business success. I provide full training, coming from a place of service and integrity. I create meaningful, strong relationships with your teams that in turn create strong meaningful  relationships with your clients.



A inclusive, high performance sales environment


Happy, motivated and committed staff


Increased sales


Robust sales metrics and KPI's


Business growth


Increased profit


Higher conversions


Work on your business instead of in it


Less stress, less challenges and less overwhelm


No more feast and famine, just regular consistent income

“A sale is so much more than making money, it’s the connection that you make with a client, it’s the value that you bring and it’s the difference that you make to that business and to yourself”

Helen carried out virtual sales training with my program students and my mastermind. She was instrumental in helping them overcome their fear of sales, particularly sales calls and created a positive shift in their mindset and their behaviour.

As a result of Helen’s training they were able to navigate tricky situations such as objections or asking for the sale. As a result, they made more sales with ease. Mindset is one of the hardest things to overcome and Helen’s passion and the way she shares her knowledge made it easy for the attendees to learn and implement.

One of the best things about working with Helen is she can pinpoint immediately what is blocking you from making sales and give you concrete actions to take that bring rapid results. The support, guidance, and encouragement she has given my students over the number of years we have worked together has been an important factor in their success.

I would recommend Helen to anyone looking for sales training that goes beyond the norm.

Claire Jarret – Google Ads Coach and Consultant