You Can’t Be a Secret and a Success
14 March 2020

I started my first book in 1985, just after A-ha burst on the scene. It was a scintillating tale about a girl who goes to a concert and catches the eye of the lead singer. They of course fall madly in love and live happily ever after, complete with leather bracelets. (Morten if you are reading this, you have missed the boat on this occasion but man do you still fill a pair of jeans well).

My friends were so impressed that I started writing short stories for them about their idols. I am still mortified by all the things I made Simon Le Bon do.

As life, university and work happened, I stopped writing. The less I wrote, the more I started believing that I could never be a writer and I buried my dreams in a blanket of self-doubt and fear of not being good enough. That was for other people; clever, articulate people. Not me.

Getting a job as a telesales advisor was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I discovered something that I was really good at. Really good. I could sell anything, from construction road plates, to complex bespoke IT system’s and coaching programs.

There wasn’t anything I couldn’t sell. The best bit? I LOVED every minute of it. I then started teaching people how to sell, to increase their profits and transform their businesses. I knew I had found my purpose; what I was meant to do.

But there were still those moments, often late at night, where that little voice whispered.. but don’t you love to write too?

So in a moment of madness, I enrolled on a creative writing course in 2015. I wrote a short story entitled ‘Scars’ about self-harming. It made three people cry. My tutor wanted me to enter it into a competition but I refused; that was for other writers not me. I would never be one of the successful ones, so why try? why set myself up for failure? No, I would stay where I was, safe, with my dreams for company.

The universe kept sending me the most incredible opportunities and I turned them all down. Until, finally one of my clients asked me to write a blog post for them on how to increase sales as a coach. The blog got a phenomenal amount of engagement and my client was delighted and more work followed. That was the start of my copywriting journey and I now write sales pages, blogs, emails,website copy and webinar copy. One of my clients has increased their profits by 67% and had to take on two members of staff.

How does writing make me feel? It makes my soul sing. It’s as simple as that and I pour that love and passion into my clients work. But I always write in their voice, never my own, to maintain that intense connection with their clients. That’s what makes me special.

I have spent years analysing other writers; copywriters included. Thinking ‘I don’t write like that. That’s not me.’ Of course I don’t write like them, I write like me. I am the sum of all my experiences, my beliefs, my hopes and my dreams. The fact that we are all unique is something to be celebrated.

I wrote this note on 28 August 2015 at 1.29 in the morning, I came across it recently on my phone. It reminded me of my why. It reminded me that life is too short to give up on your dreams because frankly, I’ve waited far too long already. My greatest fear is that I will die filled with regret that I never had the courage or bravery to step into my talent.

The turning point for me came this week, when one of my amazing clients, stunned by my complete and utter incapability of blowing my own trumpet (all of my work comes via referral) said to me;


So this is me.

Standing up, ready to shine and be seen.

I am a (copy)writer and a sales gladiator.


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